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2010 Trafficking in Persons Report Released

Posted in Inform yourself on June 15, 2010 by CMSHTC

The United States Department of State released the 10th annual Trafficking in Persons Report on June 14. The TIP reports have been issued annually by the DOS as mandated by the 2000 federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act. The report includes rankings of all nations in terms of their efforts to combat human trafficking. Of special note, 2010 is the first year that the U.S. Department of State ranks the United States in terms of its efforts to combat human trafficking.

The full report is 22 megabytes, but is available online at the Department of State website. You can download the full document or each part separately.

At the same website is a video of the release ceremony, featuring Under-Secretary of State Marie Otero, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Ambassador-at-Large Luis CdeBaca.